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In From Me To You on
January 25, 2017

Fashion, Food, & Culture in Lagos, Nigeria

The city of Lagos, Nigeria is bursting with life! Broken up into three separate parts – Lagos Island, Victoria Island, and Ikoyi Island – all are their own little worlds connected by bridges and a flowing lagoon underneath.

While I stayed on Lagos Island during my vacation earlier this month, I visited each island getting a chance to soak in some of what each has to offer. Whether my experiences revolved around food, fashion, or culture, I constantly felt immersed in my Naija heritage.

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In Diary on
January 18, 2017

Reconnecting With My Roots In Lagos, Nigeria

The air is hot and sticky with moisture, even as the sun is beginning to set. Distant sounds of voices and car horns can be heard in the dense air as a large, heavy gate slowly opens. This is Lagos, Nigeria.

More specifically, we find each other in Victoria Garden City, a comparatively quiet and gated residential neighbourhood where one must pass a security post to enter. Welcome! I’m so excited to share an inside look at my world in a way I never have before.

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In Diary on
April 7, 2016

Miami 2016 Photo Diary

They say April showers bring May flowers but so far all April has brought Toronto are last gasps of winter in the form of blizzards. These inches of snow, cold winds, and slushy streets have me reminiscing on my quick trip to Miami a few weeks ago.

I covered a bit of my trip on Instagram when I shared my experiences exploring:

the luxurious Design District with every high-end fashion retailer you can imagine from Fendi to Margiela, to Dior,

the Institute of Contemporary Art where I got a one-on-one tour of their exhibit by artist John Miller,

the breathtaking sculptural work of Damien Hirst and fine dining in South Beach, and of course

the Dash Miami storefront because basically, YOLO.

And even after all that, I still had a few more adventures I had to get into in my few days there…

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In Diary on
September 1, 2015

Puerto Rico 2015

Yucca Mofongo. Castillo San Felipe del Morro. El Yunque. Three things you may not be familiar with now but you will be once you read about my summer adventure in Puerto Rico.

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