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In From Me To You on
December 26, 2016

Even Hustlers Need Self-Care

Anybody else feeling a little burnt out? Be it from the holidays or just life in general? With Christmas just behind us and New Years on the horizon I want to take some time out to remind you (and myself) about the importance of self-care.

Lately I’ve been feeling myself slipping. Stress from work combined with a bit of winter depression has been making me feel like a shell of myself. If you’ve been feeling this way too, don’t ignore it. This is our body’s way of asking for a little more attention focused inward.

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In Diary on
July 15, 2016

Breaking Beauty Standards in Alessia Cara’s “Scars To Your Beautiful”

On July 11th, Alessia Cara turned 20-years-old. But instead of making herself the focus, she gave us a gift. She released the music video for her third single “Scars To Your Beautiful” on And in an instant, the world met a handful of individuals that while different in appearance, share similar stories of triumph over differences. And I was one of those people. Alessia Cara 002

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In Diary on
May 6, 2016

Finding My Chill with Muji

I have no chill. As in, I have a really hard time finding my inner calmness, relaxing, and just chilling out. My inability to find peace and recharge is one of my biggest self care struggles.

Back in April I was approached by Muji Canada to come visit their head office for their first open house. At the time I didn’t know too much about the brand beyond having been in the store before and seen their selection of lifestyle and home goods. I knew them to be a favorite among YouTube beauty gurus for their acrylic storage cases often used to organize makeup but I didn’t know about their philosophy and what makes them different.

After hearing from the president himself, I learned that their products are designed to be functional with a clean, minimalist aesthetic. Their ideal life is a “simple pleasant life“, a concept at the heart of their vision.


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In Diary on
April 11, 2016

Lust for Life

Have you ever met someone who, upon just knowing them a few moments, you knew was incredibly special? Some people just have a little extra sunshine in them. This is the story of how I met an angel at the Starbucks drive-through.


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In Diary on
March 31, 2016

Where is Mirian?

Any regular reader of this blog is probably asking that question right about now. What happened? Where have I been? Only three posts this month when I’m usually putting out twice that or more.

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In Diary on
January 3, 2016

New Year, New Me?

New year, who dis?

I know I said here that I’m not into New Years Resolutions and I’m still not into the idea of them but I’m a sucker for goal-setting and self improvement and the start of a new year just feels like the right time to look at life, see where I’m at, and what I’d like to work on.

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