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In From Me To You on
May 22, 2017

Why I Became A Blogger and What We Can All Learn From Millennial Artists

There are many reasons bloggers decide to start chronically their lives in the digital sphere. While I’ve stopped and started multiples times, I’ve been running this particular blog for over a year and a half. I look up to the OGs of the blogosphere like Feral Creature who has been blogging for 10 years now. She recently published a post about being at a crossroads in her journey and it made me stop and think about my own path.

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In From Me To You on
April 28, 2017

Music Merch Reclaims Its Place In Fashion

An eternity ago, when I was in high school, I was a punk. More like a punk/goth/anime kid. And one of the staples of my wardrobe were band tees. A friend gave me a The Starting Line tee, I picked up a My Chemical Romance tee from Hot Topic, and a few of my comrades wore this popular tee to showcase their love for The Used. The guy I crushed on had long hair down his back and one of the four shirts he wore was a Led Zeppelin tee.

Somewhere along the line I retired my music merch but more and more in the past few years I’m starting to see it make a comeback in fashion and I’m more than happy to take part.

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In From Me To You on
April 21, 2017

Freeing Myself From Fear

I was shaking. Sitting on the edge of this concrete ledge my body felt tight and stiff with anxiety. We were about two stories up which isn’t that high I suppose but still, every second up there felt like an eternity. I tried to calm myself because I didn’t want to let the fear show on my face.

After about a minute it was over. I had to come down. I didn’t care whether we got the shot or not. Then I looked at the camera to see the results. ‘Wow,’ I exhaled in relief, pleased to see what we’d captured.

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In From Me To You on
March 17, 2017

Exploring Toronto in my Nike Flyknit Workboots

The weather has been pretty crappy lately with the last traces of winter still lagging in Toronto. Going out still requires a warm coat and tough footwear that can handle the slush, salt, and snow. On a particularly warm day my partner and I headed out to do some exploring in the city. I had come across this gorgeous graffiti wall online and was determined to find where exactly it was, quietly tucked away in the west end.

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In Diary on
January 18, 2017

Reconnecting With My Roots In Lagos, Nigeria

The air is hot and sticky with moisture, even as the sun is beginning to set. Distant sounds of voices and car horns can be heard in the dense air as a large, heavy gate slowly opens. This is Lagos, Nigeria.

More specifically, we find each other in Victoria Garden City, a comparatively quiet and gated residential neighbourhood where one must pass a security post to enter. Welcome! I’m so excited to share an inside look at my world in a way I never have before.

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In From Me To You on
December 9, 2016

Wearable Art: Alice + Olivia Remembers Basquiat With New Collection

Scratches and scribbles. Splatters of bright paint. A gold, three-point crown. Staples in Jean-Michel Basquiat‘s work. Except this time, instead of on a canvas, these tell-tale artist signatures cover jeans, skirts, tops, and dresses.Β  For her Resort 2017 collection designer Stacey Bendet of Alice + Olivia teamed up with the Basquiat estate to create pieces inspired by his work that are best described as wearable art.


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In From Me To You on
November 17, 2016

The Future is Female

And to all of the little girls who are watching this, never doubt that you are valuable and powerful and deserving of every chance and opportunity in the world to pursue and achieve your own dreams.

–Hillary Clinton

It has taken me a week to finally watch Hillary Clinton’s concession speech. What can I say? I just wasn’t ready. Political views and personal opinions aside, there was something deeply disheartening about watching another woman dare to set her high heel on uncharted territory and fall just short of success.

While this may have been the end of her campaign, I have faith that her courageous dreams to be the first female president of the United States will spark inspiration in the minds of precocious little girls and strong-willed women alike for years to come. I have faith that the future is female…


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