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In From Me To You on
April 23, 2018

Inside the Awe-Inspiring Wardrobe of an Archival Fashion Collector

I’ve known @JonathanRightNow for a few years now and what has always struck me about him is his amazing collection of high end archival fashion pieces. As an admirer of fashion, I’m drawn to his extensive collection and so I finally decided to pay him a visit and talk to him about his wardrobe of Givenchy, Rodarte, Comme des Garcons, Hood By Air, Yves Saint Laurent and more.

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In Diary on
September 1, 2015

Shot by William Ukoh

I came across photographer William Ukoh (AKA Willyverse) on Instagram a while ago and loved his style so I reached out to him expressing an interest in wanting to work with him. I usually photograph myself so I tend to be very critical of myself on camera and shy to other photographers’ lenses but after a bit I loosened up and we had a fun time.

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