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Fidelity Denim

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April 7, 2018

5 Tips to Get the Most From Vintage and Thrift Store Shopping

What are your thoughts on thrift and vintage shopping? Do you love it, hate it, or not have any luck? I used to be into vintage and thrift shopping a few years ago and though I haven’t done it much recently, getting my hands on this vintage Ozzy Osbourne concert tee had me thinking about it and I wanted to share some shopping tips from my experience. Keep reading for my top 5 tips on how to get the most out of vintage and thrift shopping.

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In From Me To You on
February 28, 2017

Fidelity Denim is Like Jeans for Girls that Don’t Like Jeans

I don’t even like jeans. Or at least I thought I didn’t. Then I tried on a pair of Fidelity Denim.

Let me just preface this by saying that before Fidelity, I didn’t have any jeans in my wardrobe. Not unless you count two old pairs of biker jeans that pretty much solely exist for archival purposes because I can no longer squeeze my thighs into them but I’m not ready to say goodbye.

So with that in mind I tried on a pair of Fidelity Denim and my opinion of jeans started to change.

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