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In From Me To You on
September 10, 2018

The Complete Guide To Fall Fashion

It’s mid-September and I think it’s safe to say summer is over, at least in Toronto. The sky is grey, night is creeping in sooner, and of course the temperature has dropped. The summer months are my favorite time of year but with fall well underway, I think it’s time my wardrobe and I adjust to the new changes.

So what’s the best way to ease the transition? To embrace all the good fall fashion the season has to offer! I’ve compiled a six-look launchpad to get you thinking all things autumn. From layering jackets to cozy knitwear, I’ve got you covered.

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In Diary on
September 5, 2016

Launching Global Fashion Brand Uniqlo in Canada

GUESS WHAT GUYS!? I got chosen to help launch global fashion brand Uniqlo‘s expansion into Canada! Catch me standing with a crew of cool kids in front of Toronto landmarks in this city-wide campaign. You wouldn’t even believe the crazy fate that lead me here. I’m just honored and blessed to be able to welcome this awesome brand to Canada. Keep reading to see the story of how I landed this amazing opportunity.

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In From Me To You on
September 22, 2015

The Secret Garden

One of the most fun things about running this blog is that it encourages me to get out and explore the city of Toronto that I currently call home. I’ve lived here for a few years now and I am still constantly discovering new things about it. This city is full of so many hidden gems: Mom-and-Pop restaurants, quaint little fashion boutiques, and tucked away natural wonders like the garden in this outfit set. We were doing some location scouting in the heart of the downtown area when all of a sudden I saw this shadowy, inconspicuous entrance that seemed to lead back to some greenery. Turns out it was a beautiful community garden. It was too late to shoot that night so we came back the next day.

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